Pinpoint Learning is a consulting firm specializing in brand strategy, market strategy, product strategy and go-to-market problem solving for the global education market.
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We are all in.

When it comes to solving problems, we are all in.  As consultants we work side by side with your team, so that when our work is done, you own the strategy. We want our impact with you to be long lasting.

Our Team

  • David Samuelson

    David brings over 25 years of successful operating experience in the US and Internationally in both PreK12 and consumer education.
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  • Edie Perkins

    Edie brings more than 20 years of marketing, product management and international management experience in PreK12.
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  • Midian Kurland

    Midian is an influential Edtech leader with 35 years’ experience in publishing, product development and educational research. 
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  • Deb deVries

    Deb brings over 30 years of K12 education technology leadership experience in marketing and sales.
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  • Ashley Andersen Zantop
    Ashley brings over 20 years of K-12, trade and consumer publishing, media, technology and professional development experience in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the UK. 
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  • Jacob Sweeney-Samuelson
    Jacob is an experienced multimedia content producer who takes a journalist’s approach to telling your brand’s stories through engaging video, writing, and social media strategy.
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"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I 

may remember, involve me and I learn."

不闻不若闻之, 闻之不若见之, 见之不若知之, 知之不若行之
Xun Kuang, Chinese Confucian philosopher, 312-230 BC

Our work is a collaboration. We add long lasting value when we work with you, not for you.

Which is why we have Learning in our name.  Finding the right strategy should be a disciplined collaboration, with your team, with your customers, with all key stakeholders, in search of a collision of the best ideas to produce an innovative strategy. Our job is to help guide the way.

We show up.

Understanding where we can add value means we need to understand your business and people. That starts with showing up.  We will go where necessary to learn about you and your business, and focus on the task presented. We could be close by. The team is in Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and New York City. 

Where do we start?

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